13th Digiscoper of the Year

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Birdwatch is Europe’s leading monthly magazine for keen birders. Established in 1992, it has a mainly British audience but is also read in dozens of countries worldwide. Online, www.birdwatch.co.uk features news stories, multimedia content and exclusive web articles in addition to archived material from the printed issue. The authority of the magazine and its website are underpinned by a world-class advisory panel and team of expert authors, photographers and artists.


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The LBV (Bavarian Society for the Protection of Birds) has around 75,000 members and sponsors, making it one of Germany’s largest nature conservation associations. Founded more than 100 years ago as the “State Authorized Bird Protection Committee” and in keeping with the association’s original philosophy, bird protection and observation continue to form a central part of our work. Our 170 or so staff in our 20 branches across Bavaria and the numerous volunteers in our 350 district and local groups, along with our 120 youth groups are actively involved in our work year in, year out. We are committed to protecting our birdlife against the various threats posed by intensive land use and a high-tech, environment. LBV-owned conservation areas totaling 2,750 hectares form a significant part of this objective by providing viable habitats on a sustainable basis throughout Bavaria. As a modern, broad-based association, the LBV is involved in a range of activities relating to the conservation of species and habitats. Examples of such activities include projects for protecting endangered amphibians, mammals, and insects, as well as political lobbying, environmental education, and habitat preservation.


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The Dutch Birding Association is the Dutch organization that promotes watching and recognizing rare and uncommon birds. Our main activities are the publication of a (bi-monthly) magazine to our donators in the Netherlands and abroad and providing a digital platform via the website www.dutchbirding.nl. This website offers insight into all activities of the foundation and offers their donators and non-donators photographs and audio recordings of rare or special birds, recent observations, travel blogs and many other information.
 In addition, the DBA manages a nationwide system of Dutch Bird Alerts (www.dutchbirdalerts.nl) which divulges particular bird observations to the participants. in a quick and efficient manner. The DBA is (partly) responsible for maintaining the national archive of all uncommon birds that have ever been observed in the Netherlands (see www.dutchavifauna.nl).
Established in 1979 by the founders of Dutch Birding, the DBA has grown out over 35 years into  an organization with approximately 60 volunteers who enthusiastically spread the ideas of the DBA and are committed to increase our footprint.


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Natuurfoto magazine

Nature and photography meet in Natuurfoto magazine. This magazine is not a traditional photo magazine with technical camera tests, we leave this topic up to others. We do offer you the possibility to learn from other photographers’ experiences and inspire you with beautiful photographs. We mention next to every picture the ISO value, shutter speed, which lens is used, etc. In every edition you will find 2 tutorials where we look at various aspects of nature photography. How to take pictures in the spring or winter, mushrooms in front of the lens, stacking or panorama photography, etc. In Natuurfoto magazine you will also find in-depth articles that highlight nature. The experienced writers are nature lovers themselves and illuminate their articles with passion. Great and small photographers receive the opportunity to show their work to a large audience The editor demands pictures that are technically compliant for printing. Also the editor demands that the making of the picture did not disturb the surroundings. This way we stimulate and promote responsible nature photography. Natuurfoto magazine is also on Facebook.


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Bird Watcher's Digest

Bird Watcher's Digest shares fascinating bird stories, information, art, and photography, in both print and digital formats. Since 1978, this family-owned magazine has been encouraging the appreciation and conservation of wild birds and their habitats. More than a magazine, BWDpublishes books and booklets, maintains an active and welcoming online community, and hosts several birding events each year. Its newest publication is Watching Backyard Birds, a bimonthly magazine for those whose interest in birds is mostly close to home. 


The 14th edition of SWAROVSKI OPTIK’s internationally popular “Digiscoper of the Year” competition has had a makeover.
For the first time, all entries have to be made via Instagram.

From October 1–31, keen digiscopers are invited to post their pictures on Instagram with the hashtag #DOY2019.
Only public posts can participate in the draw.
The lucky winner will be picked at random and receive a set of CL Companion binoculars with VPA (variable phone adapter) and adapter ring.

Important deadlines

  • Competition start: October 1, 2019
  • Closing date for submissions: October 31, 2019 (23:59:59 CEST)
  • Announcement of the winners: November 2019